Project Description

Product profile

ActiMaris® NASAL Spray is a hypertonic alkaline ionised seawater solution with sea salt (1.2 %), sodium hypochlorite NaOCl (0.04 %) and hypochlorous acid HOCl (0.004 %) and acts on a bio-physical basis. The sea salt and sodium hypochlorite create an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.
ActiMaris® NASAL Spray moisturises and cleanses in interactions with the mucous membrane. ActiMaris® NASAL Spray also supports the physiological milieu on the surface of the mucous membrane through its composition of minerals, salts and trace elements. Due to its hypertonicity / hyperosmolarity, the solution has a decongestant effect, dissolves plaque and nasal secretions and frees nasal breathing. Thanks to its cleansing effect and dissolving of secretions, ActiMaris® NASAL Spray improves well-being and alleviates the typical symptoms of the above-mentioned indications. ActiMaris® NASAL Spray is both cell-friendly and antimicrobially efficient and fast. The sea salt and sodium hypchlorite are natural preservatives and guarantee a long stability of the ActiMaris® NASAL Spray solution.

ActiMaris® NASAL Spray contains:

  • no cortisone
  • no xylometazoline
  • no alcohol
  • no antibiotic

Fields of application / indications

ActiMaris® NASAL Spray is suitable as an addition and support in case of:

  • Rhinitis / cold / coryza
  • Influenza infections
  • Acute and chronic inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane (rhinitis acuta et chronica)
  • Acute and chronic sinusitis (rhinosinusitis acuta et chronica)
  • Rhinitis medicamentosa after abuse of sympathomimetic nasal sprays
  • Allergic rhinitis (also prophylactic)
  • Tube catarrh / middle ear infections
  • Post-operative (after nose and sinus surgeries)
  • Prophylaxis of multi-resistant germs MRSA / VRE
  • Prophylaxis of inflammation in the lower respiratory tract (reduces post-nasal drip)

Tissue tolerance and biocompatibility

ActiMaris® NASAL Spray is suitable for long-term (>24h) and repeated use in irritated mucous membrane processes, as tissue tolerance and biocompatibility have been proven also with repeated or multiple applications. The application is almost painless and is generally well tolerated by allergy sufferers.

Genel Bilgiler

With clinical experience / evidence for more than 10 years, ActiMaris® has achieved a milestone in the treatment concept of local therapy in cases of inflammation and infection of the upper and lower airways.
Owing to their composition and mechanisms of action, ActiMaris® products can be used not only to treat intact mucous membranes but can also be applied to damaged mucous membranes. ActiMaris® products are not toxic to cartilage and bone.

  • For rhinitis and common cold
  • In case of nasal and paranasal sinusitis
  • Cleans and moisturises the mucous membrane
  • Has a decongestant, liberating and antimicrobial effect

ActiMaris® has a cleansing and soothing effect on the mucous membrane, has a humidifying, decongestant, mucolytic and antimicrobial effect, supports the local defence mechanisms and promotes the granulation and epithelisation processes in cases of mucous membrane lesions.

  • 100 % natural
  • Without preservatives
  • Unperfumed
  • For the whole family


Water, sea salt, sodium hypochlorite


Water, sea salt, sodium hypochlorite

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20 ml / Art-Nr.: 33020

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